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Anneke Naude is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Houston area.
University of Pretoria
Bachelor of Arts
University of Pretoria
Higher Education Diploma
University of South Africa
Sixth Diploma in Theory of music, Harmony and History
Final Diploma in Voice with Honors
University of South Africa
Seventh Diploma in Piano Performance
Anneke Naude
Voice, Composition, Piano

Anneke Naudé was born in South Africa, where she started singing in the church choir with her parents before her 4th birthday. Some of her fondest memories were made in the cotton fields of Zimbabwe, singing in harmonies with her father, while riding on the back of the pick-up truck, sitting on a “pillow” of freshly picked cotton! Anneke cannot even remember a time “before” singing. She was always singing as a child. Even when playing with dolls, or shooting hoops outside, or going for walks with her mom. Her parents signed her up for piano lessons in desperation when she was 5 years old, just to make the torturous hours of “composing” stop, and to finally hear some melodies come out of their 100-year old piano. A year later they added the violin to her instrument repertoire.

Anneke sang her first audition at the age of 6 when her first grade teacher sent her over to the Elementary school Choir director – again out of desperation to make her stop singing in class, compromising to just sing during choir hour. Her first big solo opportunity came at age 10 when she was the only elementary student chosen to sing a solo on the high school music department year end recital, with an audience of more than 400 people. Throughout her school career Anneke was always the soloist for several choirs, concerts, recitals, operettas. She won over 40 gold medals in various singing competitions. She sang in the Northern Transvaal Youth Choir (equivalent of a State wide choir in the USA) among others, and toured Europe as soloist twice before her 20th birthday. The European audiences welcomed her with standing ovations time and time again. Anneke also was invited to compete for, and won the Robert Clough Music Scholarship to forward her studies at the University of South Africa. During her senior year, Anneke got chosen to be the protégé of a South African Diva Mimi Coertze, who had spent her entire career in Vienna, Austria, where she had been the Prima Donna, and won the prestigious title of “Kammersängerin”, and had just retired. Anneke travelled with Mimi, observed backstage and learned by experience. She had technique and repertoire lessons every day with Ms. Coertze, and established a life-long solid foundation for singing the coloratura soprano repertoire of the Opera. Typical roles she studied with Ms. Coertze were the Queen of the Night in Zauberflöte (Mozart), Gilda in Rigoletto (Verdi), Zerbinetta in Entführung aus dem Serail (Mozart) and many more.

During her 4 years at the University of Pretoria (South Africa), while busy with her Bachelor’s studies, Anneke got chosen by the State Opera Theatre to sing Carolina in Il Matrimonio Segreto by Cimarosa and one year later she sang Pamina in Zauberflöte by Mozart. Still one year later Anneke sang the lead of Maria in an original Musical Theatre debut called “Gansdans”. She performed with Jannie du Toit – the composer, and famous South African song writer. It is also around this time Anneke started composing music – in the more contemporary style, under the mentorship of Jannie du Toit. To this day she still writes new music on a weekly basis, which she performs at church every month, and which she is planning to publish this year.

After finishing her Bachelor’s of Arts, and Higher Education Diploma, Anneke took on the task of teacher in the Public School System in South Africa. For the first 2 years she taught English, Afrikaans and German. Then she took a position as Music teacher (voice and piano) and choir Director for the next 5 years, until she and her husband immigrated to Canada. There she sang professionally in the Edmonton and Calgary Operas for 4 seasons, until her triplet girls were born. During the triplets’ childhood Anneke continued teaching voice from her home, and also one day a week at the Augustana College in Camrose Alberta, Canada.

Anneke is also a qualified “Music-for-Young-Children (R)” piano teacher, and has taught children between 4 and 7 years of age. In these classes the piano/ theory/rhythm aspect is the focus, with singing added as an optional extra element. Anneke uses puppets, games, rhythm instruments and fun songs to weave the whole experience of beginner piano into an enjoyable mosaic, which lays a firm foundation for basic musical skills. Anneke is still an active member of the Texas Master Chorale, which performs on a regular basis in Houston, the surrounding area, and in tours around the country, and Europe.

If there is one thing Anneke wants to leave behind with every student, it is the love and joy music can bring into every artist’s life. By learning to be more accomplished and polished, she can take any singer (from beginners to professionals) to a level of performance they never knew they could master, and give them a sense of accomplishment which they never expected.

*What do students say about Anneke?*
“Anneke has always been a very compassionate and sympathetic teacher with a vast knowledge of vocal repertoire. I always enjoyed going to my lessons and listening to her advice about technique, career, and life in general. I still use Anneke's advice about coloratura technique today in my professional singing and have taken her advice about family life as well since I started my own family. Thank you so much, Anneke for everything!”(Nansee, soprano, Canada)

“I studied with Anneke Naudé from 2000-2005, in Preparation for my ARTC (RCM) in voice performance. As a voice teacher, she had better insight into Bel Canto technique, diction, and musicality than any other teacher I had previously worked with as her own studies have been with first tier professionals, opening my eyes to a different standard of both performing and teaching. Over the years she has been both mentor and friend, and I still rely on her expertise from time to time on matters of performance preparation with genuine feedback and critique on technique and repertoire. She cares passionately about her students and their ability to succeed, whatever their personal best is, and inspires them to strive to accomplish their goals musically and indeed, in life. She has been influential in my own teaching style as a result of her professionalism and commitment.”(Carla, mezzo-soprano, Canada)

What do colleagues say about Anneke?
“Anneke’s very warm and most sympathetic approach to the children in our school is absolutely commendable. Her excellent musical qualifications and abilities have been a source of greatest joy and happiness for students and colleagues.” (Mrs. Scholz, Head of Music Department, Fontains Elementary School)

“Anneke is a charming and loveable lady, endowed with intelligence well above normal, as well as an extraordinary musical talent and superbly enchanting soprano voice. In all her performances she acquits herself with the highest honors. Anneke Naude is not only a well qualified singer and teacher, but also a lady of unquestionable integrity. She is completely reliable, a committed Christian, and is a member of a highly respected family. I take great pleasure in recommending her, unreservedly, for the position for which she is applying.” (Professor Pierre Malan, University of South Africa)

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