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Esther Park is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Houston area.
University of North Texas
Doctorate of Musical Arts
Piano Performance
Robert-Schumann Music University
Doctoral Degree for Artist Certification
Robert-Schumann Music University
Master of Musical Arts
Robert-Schumann Music University
Bachelor of Musical Arts
Piano Performance
Esther Park
Piano, Violin

Mrs. Ester Park, born in South-Korea, started to play the violin and the piano when she was six years old. Her earliest musical memory is from when she went to a Youth competition for violin at the age of seven. After moving to Germany, at the age of 10, Esther  met her piano teacher (Mrs.Odenthal) who influenced and changed her life-plan. Her teacher taught her how wonderful music can be and how to express emotions through music. Thus, Mrs. Park also pursuit to give her students musical inspiration and the awareness of how great musical study can be.

Esther received her doctoral Diploma for Piano Performance in Germany, Dusseldorf and her Doctor of Music Art at The University of North Texas (Denton, TX). She has been awarded with uncountable first and second prices for accompaniment at "Jugend - Musiziert competition (Youth competition)". She also did work as accompanist for German Korea Music Vocalist Association and gave uncountable solo and accompanist Recitals in South-Korea, Germany and in the US. She has also accompanied for churches for 30 years. One of the musical highlights of esthers life is performing with the Korean Seol Orchestra  at "Inchon Music Artist Hall."

In German newspapers, she has been called a "Young Chopin". She also has been chosen to play at TV shows like ARD. Mrs. Park attended and performed in several seminars where she met international known pedagogues like Kaemmerling, Emil Giles or Szidon. She has been awarded as one of the best piano accompanists at the Korean Music Association in Germany. Esther Park is well-known at Korean Association (in Germany, Korea and the US) for Trumpet duo with her brother who is a professor for Jazz Trumpet at Austin Concordia University.

Esther wants her Piano and Violin students to have fun while learning. She also has experience with working with students with disabilities. She loves to help all students use music in their everyday lives. She wants to achieve gaining their interest in instruments. Inspired by her German teacher who taught her to love and respect music, Esther Park's main pursuit is to teach her students how to express emotions into their music.


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