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Sebastian de Aces is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home guitar lessons in the Houston area.
Teaching Since 2020
Sebastian de Ases

Sebastian de Ases is a seasoned guitarist with over a decade of experience, having embarked on his musical journey in 2013. Self-taught and fueled by a passion for experimentation, Sebastian honed his craft through informal mentorship from friends during his high school years, complemented by a steadfast commitment to continuous learning and ear training.

While his formal education centered on choir participation throughout his school tenure, Sebastian's musical prowess evolved through hands-on exploration and a true grasp of music theory.

Though his live performances are sporadic, Sebastian's stage presence is most often felt at a local venue, where he collaborates with fellow musicians to create memorable experiences for audiences. Beyond his guitar virtuosity, Sebastian is recognized for his contributions to the cinematic realm, excelling as a film score composer.

His achievements include the notable feat of securing radio play for one of his compositions in the UK, alongside scoring short films and a feature-length movie available on Amazon.

Eager to share his knowledge and inspire budding musicians, Sebastian aspires to dive deeper into teaching, viewing it as an opportunity to nurture artistic expression and cultivate a deeper understanding of music within others. With a philosophy grounded in perpetual growth, Sebastian remains receptive to diverse perspectives and eagerly anticipates the exchange of ideas inherent in the teaching process.

Whether his students seek musical proficiency for leisure, therapeutic purposes, or professional aspirations, Sebastian is committed to empowering them on their musical odyssey, fostering creativity, and facilitating personal growth.

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