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Crystal Mata is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home voice, piano, guitar, drum, ukulele and violin lessons in the Houston area.
Berklee College of Music
Bachelor of Arts: Music
Crystal Mata
Voice, Piano, Guitar, Drum, Ukulele, Violin

Crystal E. Mata, a Houston native, is a dedicated music educator who has been teaching since 2011. She is a proud alumna of the esteemed High School for Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA), where her passion for music was nurtured from an early age. Crystal further honed her skills at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, graduating Cum Laude and solidifying her expertise in music theory, performance, and education.

Returning to her roots in Houston, Crystal has become an integral part of the local arts scene. She has seamlessly integrated herself into various facets of the community, serving as a respected member of the theatre community, a representative of a prominent local music festival, and the lead vocalist of a dynamic Mariachi ensemble. Crystal's multifaceted involvement allows her to bring a rich tapestry of experiences into her teaching, fostering a holistic understanding and appreciation of music among her students.

As a private instructor, Crystal is committed to providing her students with a comprehensive music education. She offers instruction in a wide array of musical disciplines, ranging from music history and theory to the intersection of music with science and mathematics. Her approach is marked by a contagious passion for music and a genuine enthusiasm for teaching, inspiring her students to explore, create, and excel.

Crystal Mata's dedication to her craft, coupled with her strong commitment to her students' growth and development, distinguishes her as a prominent figure in the realm of music education. With her guidance, students not only cultivate musical proficiency but also discover the transformative power of music in their lives.

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