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Michael Gamoras is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home piano, voice and drum lessons in the Houston area.
Art Institute of Houston
BA: Fine Arts
Michael Gamoras
Piano, Voice, Drum

Michael Gamoras is a seasoned music educator with a lifelong passion for music. His journey began at the age of seven when he started immersing himself in music, listening to cassette tapes and emulating beats with his mouth. Inspired by his father's piano playing, Michael quickly developed a knack for music, mastering the piano with impressive speed.

His musical journey continued through high school, where he joined the church choir and excelled as a tenor bass vocalist. Michael's talent extended to the violin and orchestra, although his large hands presented challenges. Despite setbacks, he found solace and success in choral singing, participating in various performances and competitions.

Recognizing his talent, Michael received voice lessons from a university professor, refining his technique and expanding his vocal repertoire. His performances, marked by emotional depth and spiritual resonance, captivated audiences and earned him acclaim within his community.

Beyond singing, Michael's musical pursuits led him to explore drumming and band performances. Despite facing obstacles, he persevered, honing his skills and nurturing a deep love for music.

Today, as a dedicated music teacher, Michael imparts his wealth of experience and passion to his students. He believes in fostering confidence through achievable milestones and emphasizes the importance of persistence and patience in developing musical talent. With a focus on ear training and rhythmic awareness, Michael strives to instill a holistic understanding of music in his students, empowering them to explore their own musical journeys.

In his teaching philosophy, Michael advocates for consistency and dedication to a chosen technique, believing that true mastery comes from unwavering commitment. He encourages students to embrace the transformative power of music and to share their unique experiences and stories through their craft.

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