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Emily is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home violin lessons in the Houston area.
Stephen F Austin State University
Bachelor's in Music Education
Emily Duin

Ms. Emily Duin has been playing the violin since the age of 11 while at Riverwood middle school in Kingwood Texas and continued playing through high school where she had the priviledge of playing in the youth symphony for two years. Her musical background started when she played on her great grandmother's violin. Playing on this family heirloom has helped her deepen her appreciation for music. A great inspiration for Ms. Duin comes from the teachers in her family and the educators that helped her pursue music. She is now attending Stephen F Austin State University where she will receive a Bachelor's degree in Music Education in December of 2022.While in college Ms. Duin has played with the Marshall, Longview, and Texarkana Symphonies. 

Ms. Duin has taught a string studio with an organization known as String Project and co-conducted the Piney Woods Youth Orchestra. Additionally, she taught another string studio in Carthage Texas. After teaching lessons at the Kingwood music school Ms. Duin knew teaching was what she wanted to do. Her experience there showed her how many different ways there are to teaching and to keeping students motivated.

Ms. Duin's goal is to help students realize how able they are to be musically inclined. She wants every student to learn how to appreciate their talents and grow their appreciation for music. She helps her students by teaching them to learn from their mistakes in order to achieve success. When on the violin or viola they are bound to make mistakes, produce scratchy sounds, and have intonation issues. However, with hard work, laughter, and support, Emily's students are on their way to making great music.

Ms. Duin's teaching philosophy can be summarized as follow: "I strive to lead by example and to show my students that the interactions and musical connections with ourselves and those around us is what makes music come alive."

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