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Candace Edwards is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home piano lessons in the MARKET area.
Associate: Piano
Candace Edwards

Candace Edwards is a dedicated piano teacher whose journey into music began at the age of twelve when she embraced the clarinet, participating in groups like her school marching band and concert band while exploring various U.I.L opportunities. However, it was her evolving passion for piano that defined her musical trajectory.

Making a pivotal decision at the age of 22 in 2019, Candace transitioned to the piano, recognizing its resonance with her musical aspirations. Initially self-taught, she honed her skills through perseverance and determination. Subsequently, her pursuit led her to Lone Star College, where she immersed herself in formal piano lessons, eventually declaring a major in Music and Piano Solo Performance.

Currently enrolled in rigorous courses such as sight singing, ear training, and music theory, Candace's educational journey encompasses diverse musical facets. She has enriched her musical experience by participating in ensembles like Concert Choir and Symphonic Band, broadening her understanding and appreciation of musical expression.

Under the guidance of esteemed mentors such as Dr. Lisa McCarroll and Teresa Mendoza, renowned for their contributions to piano pedagogy, Candace has embraced classical training. Her repertoire includes masterpieces by celebrated composers such as Claude Debussy, Johann Sebastian Bach, Carl Phillip Emmanuel Bach, Friedrich Kuhlau, and Frederic Chopin, showcasing her versatility and depth as a performer.

A testament to her commitment and talent, Candace embarked on her teaching journey a year ago, seizing an opportunity presented by a prestigious music school. Grounded in the belief that every child possesses the potential to excel under the guidance of a skilled mentor, Candace embodies the philosophy that with dedication and mentorship, anyone can become a musician.

Drawing inspiration from her own mentors, Candace imbues her teaching methodology with a blend of traditional pedagogy and innovative techniques. From meticulously crafted curricula to interactive technology and engaging games, she ensures that her students develop a comprehensive understanding of their instrument and music theory.

Central to Candace's teaching ethos is fostering a profound appreciation for music and the piano. Through her instruction, she instills in her students not only a love for music but also a deep-seated passion for mastering the intricacies of piano performance.

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