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Austin Biel is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Houston area.
25+ Years Teaching and Performing
Northeastern Louisiana University
Music Education
Piano Pedagogy
Austin Biel
Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drum, Trumpet, Vocal Coaching

Creativity and versatility have marked Austin Biel's over 25 year career in music and education. A passionate musician from a very young age, Austin began his classical piano studies at age six. Over the years he continued to grow in all areas of music, mastering multiple instruments and exploring a wide variety of genres and styles. He began making a living in music while still a teenager and went on to study Music Education and Piano Pedagogy at Northeastern Louisiana University.

A versatile and well-rounded musician, Mr. Biel has considerable musical experience in a variety of fields. He has been an international touring musician for many years, performing with many well-known artists and organizations on several instruments and in multiple genres. As a producer, he's worked on over 100 recording projects, including 7 of his own releases. As an educator, he has taught and developed music and audio curricula for universities, music and arts schools, and conferences all over the world. Throughout his career, he has privately taught, mentored, and coached hundreds of musicians and artists.

Originally based in the Houston area, Austin and his family moved to Florida in 2007, establishing a school of music and arts there before returning to Texas in 2012 to found another school in the Austin area. Austin recently moved back to the Houston area in August 2018, and currently teaches private lessons to students of all ages in piano, guitar, bass, percussion, trumpet, and voice. Well-versed in classical sight reading, jazz improvisation and modern styles, Austin possesses the skills and knowledge to help students of all ages, skill levels, and areas of interest to reach their musical goals and find their personal style of expression.

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