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Craig Thomas is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home guitar, bass and drum lessons in the Houston area.
Thomas Edison State College
Craig Thomas
Guitar, Bass, Drums

Craig Thomas began his music journey at the early age of six, where he began his first piano course. Soon after, he took up the guitar, drums, and trumpet. In junior high, he began playing as the drummer in a large orchestra for large gatherings and musicals.

Throughout his teen years, he became more heavily involved in church music and eventually became the leader of the high school church band. By the age of eighteen, he was brought on staff as the Worship Intern to arrange vocal charts and lead rehearsals and Sunday services. During his young adult years, he received his Bachelors degree from Thomas Edison State University, to further his music education with a heavy focus on theory, composition, arranging, piano courses, choirs, vocal ensembles, vocal training, and studio engineering.

Craig also worked as a full time teacher for various music stores, charter schools, and eventually opened his own store. He was also brought on staff to serve for several churches as the Director of Music Ministries where he arranged charts, led ensembles, and directed musicals.

The highlight of Craig’s career is in his student’s successful  journeys. Many of his students have taken off in the music industry playing in their own bands, recording their own music, performing, and touring. This is what inspires and drives Craig the most about teaching – is that it is only the beginning, for a new, talented, and upcoming artist! Thus, he makes every lesson as high-quality, fun, and inspirational as possible, tailoring each lesson to the goals, aspirations and abilities of every student!

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