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Lilian Sapin is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home guitar, bass, ukulele, piano and voice lessons in the Houston area.
University of Florida
Bachelor of Arts
Gender Studies
Florida State College
Associate of Arts with Honors
Liliana Sapin
Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Piano, Voice

Lily is an energetic and passionate lover of music. She was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL. At age 10, she remembers seeing her older cousins play guitar and sing together at a family reunion. At that very moment she turned to her mother with a huge smile on her face and simply said "I want to do this too." On her 11th birthday she was gifted a guitar and private lessons. After that, there was never a silent moment in her house. At all hours of the day, she'd practice guitar and sing. Before she realized, a new world of self-expression opened itself up to her. For years, she mastered her craft and began writing her own songs. Lily would continue to take private guitar and voice lessons until the age of 17.

In her first years of college, Lily was set to a pre-law track with intensive fields of study. However, during her last year of undergrad, just as deadlines were approaching for L-Sat prep enrollment, Lily knew that the life of an attorney was not meant for her. Instead, she decided to follow her life's true purpose: music. She mustered up the strength to build a life that followed her dreams. After graduating from the University of Florida with a Bachelors in Gender Studies, Lily packed up her bags and moved across the country to Houston, TX.

Lily has been a music instructor since 2022. During her time teaching, she has taught around 300 students of all ages and demographics. As a music instructor, Lily understands she is shaping her kids' life interaction to music. This is something Lily does not take lightly. In the darkest and happiest of times of her life, music was a best friend and a confidant. As a teacher, she builds well rounded, knowledgeable, and technical students. Yet, the most important thing to her is nurturing the relationship between music and her kids. Lily wants to ensure that her students are provided comfort and an outlet through music, in the same way her music instructor did for her all those years ago.

Ms. Lily is ecstatic to inspire a new generation of musicians who love what they do.

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