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Steven Ettling is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Houston area.
Musicians Institute
Associate of Arts
Guitar Performance
Audio Engineering
Steven Ettling
Guitar, Piano, Voice, Bass

Steven Ettling is a guitarist, pianist, singer, recording engineer, producer, and song writer. Steve is best known to play with virtuoso players such as Paul Gilbert, Chris Broderick, Dan Gilbert, and some of the top guitarists and musicians in the business. He has also played for one of the biggest Christian bands in Los Angeles playing for thousands of people as a member of "Press Play."

Steve holds a degree from one of the best contemporary guitar schools in the world. At Musicians Institute he had a wonderful opportunity to study and play with some of the best teachers and students learning every style of music. During that time he produced and worked on projects for members of Melissa Ethridge as well as mixing projects for jazz virtuoso Marcus Singletary. Steve is also a music educator with over ten years teaching experience, giving lessons to all levels from beginners to professional musicians. He is currently working in a studio band, composing music for television and film, and working as a music educator.

Steve's lesson plans are designed to be musical and fun. He wants his students to understand the language of music by studying their favorite bands and understanding the theory behind it. He has a strategy for everyone starting from beginner, intermediate, to advanced. There is a method for achieving these goals and it is different for everyone. The one thing that will allow you to succeed is having a desire to learn and a passion for music.

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