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Robert Hwang is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Houston area.
University of Oklahoma
Bachelor of Music Education
Robert Hwang
Violin, Viola

A violin teacher since 2004, Robert Hwang has extensive experience working with students of all ages and skill levels. Graduating from the University of Oklahoma, where he worked with Sooner String Project, he went on to start 4 orchestras in the surrounding schools around campus. Earning his Music Education degree allowed him to work at the high school nearby while still giving lessons to students at the University. Since 2006, he has been living in Houston, teaching Orchestra in the public schools and working with students to help them compete at a high level.

Growing up in Oklahoma, Robert started his music training early. At the age of 7 he started playing the Piano. At 9, he was introduced to the Violin wherein he found his true love. He was tested and due to his skill and natural affinity for the instrument, was placed in orchestras far above his grade level. Throughout middle school and high school, he competed at many auditions for honor orchestras. He is a 6 year Regional member, and a 3 year All State member in the state of Oklahoma. He has also competed for membership in youth orchestra and held chairs in the state of Kansas and Oklahoma.

In college, Robert was introduced to Janet Chisolm and Felicia Moye who instructed him in Violin. Working with many directors in the University Symphony, he was able to expand his musical knowledge globally. Thanks to meeting Dr. Mike Raiber and Dr. Charlene Dell, he was able to see firsthand the benefits of teaching music to others, and to develop his interest in music pedagogy.

After graduating with his Bachelor's Degree in Music Education, Robert began teaching in the public school system, teaching in Oklahoma for several years before moving to his current residence in Houston. He has continued his work with public schools in order to produce wonderful students who have blossomed into fantastic performers. His efforts also extend to private students who wish to further expand their knowledge. He is also the Orchestra Director at Houston Chinese Church, performing twice a year for special services.

As a private instructor, Robert believes in providing classical training and teaching his students how to read and write music. Students will be nurtured in a musically motivating way, providing them the drive to discover and explore their musical interests. Additionally, Robert understands that each student is different and knows how to tailor each lesson to meet the needs of the student. Robert believes that practicing music should be fun and enjoyable, and he utilizes many creative techniques to help achieve this goal. He hopes to pass on his musical passion to others who will do the same.

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