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Timothy Stabler is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Houston area.
Foundations Bible College
Bachelor of Music Education
Bachelor of Sacred Music
Timothy Stabler
Piano, Voice

Timothy Stabler is a lifelong musician and dedicated teacher who is passionate about sharing his love of music with others. He began his piano studies at age 8. Beginning in high school, he received lessons from a master teacher, who inspired Timothy not only with his ability to convey the technical side of playing the piano, but also with his understanding of what it takes to develop the musicality of a student.

After high school, Timothy furthered his education at Foundations Bible College, where his voice teachers and choir directors also provided an excellent balance of technical skill and musicianship. In addition to all of the standard music courses such as music history and music theory, Timothy also took a number of classes in general education, and in piano and choral pedagogy specifically. These pedagogy courses helped prepare him to adapt to the unique needs of each individual student. 

Timothy is happy to teach both piano and voice to students at the beginner through intermediate or pre-college levels. He has worked with a wide variety of students, from a three year old girl to a gentleman in his sixties. He has experience teaching special needs students, including those on the autism spectrum. He also currently works with one piano student who is blind, and they have made tremendous progress together.

Every student has unique needs and goals regarding his or her musical education, so Timothy is careful to customize his lesson plans to best fit each individual student in order to help them achieve their goals. He happily adapts his methodology to fit the student, and always makes sure to balance the need for order and discipline with freedom of musical expression.

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