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Kara Melton is an accomplished musician teaching private in-home piano lessons in the greater Houston area.
20+ Years Piano Experience
Lone Star College System
Piano Major
Kara Melton

Piano teacher Kara Melton has been playing music since 1998 and writing songs since 2007. Kara began piano lessons at age eight, picking up the guitar five years later. She attended college at Lonestar Montgomery as a piano major, then worked as an EKG technician for several years before deciding to return her focus to her true love: music.

Kara is passionate about not only performing and writing music, but sharing it with others through teaching. Her goal for her students is that they will derive joy from playing music too! Kara also has a passion for songwriting, because it has been a wonderful way for her to express herself through times of both grief and happiness. She loves to share this art with her students so that they can use music in that way as well. Music is a great way to express what we can't say in words, and can serve as a tool to comfort us, entertain us, or pass the time. 

Ms. Melton currently offers private piano lessons to beginners of all ages, from young children through adults. Her lessons are fun, engaging, and encourage each student to express themselves as individuals and explore their own unique musical interests. 

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