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Jayme Lawhon is an accomplished musician teaching private in-home voice lessons online and in the Houston area.
40+ Years Experience
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Jayme Lawhon

Born into a show-biz family, Jayme Lawhon began her career singing in Chicago R&B show bands.  After a few years of genre-hopping (disco, pop, rock, original acoustic), she eventually found her way into the Chicago jazz scene, and later followed suit in the Houston area.

While Jayme has a strong reputation as a featured vocalist for jazz orchestras, she also performs solo, writes original music, and leads musical worship.

JaymeJazz is a collaboration with Houston guitarists Danny McKnight, Ray Wilson and Clayton Dyess.  Jayme also gigs regularly with Mike McCulloch’s Piano Asylum, That 70’s Thing, Delovely, and jazz ensemble Luxury Trio.  She also blends spirit and song as she co-leads music worship with Steven Ettling at Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Sugarland.

Jayme came into the spotlight honestly and naturally - just like her grandparents, both vaudeville stars... and her brother, the Chicago blues sax legend... and her movie-star niece and her platinum-record nephew.  She lovingly dubs her family 'the talented Bohemians.'

“In our house, everyone was on.  Everyone was animated," Jayme has said.  “My mom sang constantly.  It was like growing up in a musical, and we were the stars.”

“A lot of people sang along with Mitch Miller,” she said.  “But at my house, Mitch Miller sang along with me.”

As a child, Jayme (born Jayme Chlumsky) was fascinated by the old-school jazz and blues that filled her home – the records of Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and Duke Ellington.  Later, she discovered the music of Joni Mitchell, Frank Zappa, and James Brown.  With all of these influences tumbling through her head and heart, Jayme first found her spotlight as the powerhouse R&B vocalist for the Chicago group Air Tight.  That experience led to a high-visibility gig with The Lovebite Orchestra, a Chicago FM station’s 70’s disco-pop show band.  “I hated disco until it started paying the bills,” she says with a laugh.  “I loved it.  I was the choreography queen.  And when we put on those sparkly dresses, I was another character altogether.”

As Jayme continued her musical journey, jazz re-asserted itself in her artistic arc.  She landed centerstate gigs with the jazz quartet Swingin’ Business and The Carmen Dello Orchestra, and she sang with the original jazz-inflected acoustic trio Plush Cargo.  In 2013, Jayme was a featured performer at the Texas International Jazz Festival in Corpus Christi, TX.

Jayme came to Houston in 2006, and has continued working steadily since then. She has been the featured vocalist with many Texas orchestras and combos, including Ed Dix and Friends, Glynn Garcia and the Little Big Band, the Night and Day Orchestra, the Remember When Orchestra and the Billie Ledbetter Orchestra.

“I’ve never been bashful.  Far from it.  Even at my very first auditions, I always knew I really had to bring it,” Jayme says. “But I’ve been lucky, too.  Right place, right time, so very many times.”

Jayme's voice is one of her most precious blessings.  She strives to inspire and pass along this wonderful gift of joy through teaching others.  Music is her life’s breath, and she will continue to pursue this passion for as long as she lives.

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