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David Leidner is a dedicated musician teaching private in-home guitar and bass lessons in the Houston area.
University of Texas
Bachelor of Science
Education, Business and English
David Leidner
Guitar, Bass

David Leidner is a seasoned guitar and bass instructor with a wealth of experience spanning 45 years. A former Certified Texas Classroom Teacher, David has dedicated his career to fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for music among his students.

His comprehensive teaching approach covers musical notation, tablature, chord diagrams, finger-picking, and flat-picking across various genres, including American rock, blues, country, and pop. David specializes in guiding beginner to intermediate students, ages 13 to 70 and beyond, and is proficient in instructing in both English and Spanish.

David has developed his own unique guitar programs, designed to facilitate a rapid and accessible learning experience. His teaching repertoire also includes the integration of Hal Leonard Guitar books 1-3, supplemented by his original songs. Each lesson introduces students to new chords and songs, ensuring a well-rounded musical education.

Incorporating technology into his teaching methods, David allows students access to personalized learning experiences. When a computer is available, students can explore songs of their choice after completing his beginner course, adding an extra layer of engagement and personalization to their musical journey.

Known for his dependability and effective communication skills, David establishes strong connections with both students and parents. His commitment to creating a supportive and enriching learning environment underscores his passion for empowering individuals to unlock their musical potential.

David Leidner stands as a dedicated educator, fostering a lifelong love for music in the hearts and minds of his students.

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