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Yvonne Handy is a talented teacher and musician teaching private in-home violin and piano lessons in the Houston area.
University of Houston
Bachelor of Science
San Jacinto College
Associate of Arts
Yvonne Handy
Violin, Piano

Yvonne started playing violin and piano in elementary school at the age of 7 years old. Her earliest musical memories include full days of musical enjoyment in group violin and piano, as well as choir beginning at age 7. Although musical training was her parents’ decision initially, the continuation of music as a part of her everyday life is a decision she is happy to make every day!

Yvonne started her education in music beginning in elementary school and continued through junior high school. Her high school years included a brief break from music training but continued with the study of music theory. Never was there an absence of music from her life.  Once at the University of Houston, violin or piano was always a part of her studies.  After graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in psychology, her desire to continue learning and growing in both violin and piano continued with excellent Houston instructors, two of which performed with the Houston Orchestra.  Performances have been given at both San Jacinto College and Houston Community College in an orchestra. The highlight of her musical career has been the recitals held for her young, blossoming musicians.  

The people who were most influential to her music career were Lori Faye, principal violinist for the Houston Orchestra, and Erika Lawson, violist for the Houston Orchestra. They showed her that ALL music and ALL instruments are awesome, and so are ALL musicians! Their love of music and enthusiasm when playing inspires her to bring that same energy, love and passion to her students.

She decided to teach because she knew she had something to offer other children; her enthusiasm, love and passion for music. She wants every student to learn that music is not just about music. It’s about expression, love and beauty and once the ability to play is acquired, nothing can take that away. It will always be an outlet for creativity and so much more.

She helps students learn by being 100% present. Patience is paramount as is the ability to create a safe, non-pressured atmosphere for learning. Most importantly, making the student feel valued is her way of transferring her knowledge of music to her students.

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