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Cynthia Petrowski is a dedicated musician teaching private lessons online and in the Houston area.
University of Texas
Bachelor of Science: Education
Teaching Music Since 1985
Cynthia Petrowski

Cynthia has been playing piano since the age of 5. Her mother realized her enjoyment and love for music when she would bounce between the two pianos they had while she was growing up. Cynthia began piano lessons right away and continued with them throughout high school. She also accompanied her high school choir, which brought her great happiness. She went on to attend The University of Texas and earned her Bachelor of Science in Education. While at UT. she was song leader for her sorority, which included playing the piano and teaching songs to the group.

After college, she went on to teach general music in the public schools for 15 years. Sharing her love and appreciation of music with elementary students became her passion. She chose to teach private piano lessons in addition to her full time job, and has been doing so ever since.

Cynthia's most influential piano teacher was Jane Sugars. She studied with Mrs. Sugars from the start of junior high and continued throughout high school. Theory and technique were an integral part of her instruction. She studied classical music as well as many modern selections during her lessons. She has built on that foundation and enjoys using these techniques as well as many of her own in her instruction. She has experience in teaching beginning to advanced students of all ages. Cynthia's greatest accomplishments are seeing the transformation in her students from beginners to discovering their own passion and love for music.

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